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2019: City executives predict what lies ahead for finance*†

19 December 2018 | Financial News | Geopolitical factors will be the biggest driver of market activity and I expect to see a huge increase in event-driven volatility in 2019. Financial markets were spinning a lot of plates in 2018 — uncertainty surrounding trade wars, tariffs, oil prices and Brexit, to name a few — and many of these concerns will be carried forward. But the geopolitical and economic implications of North Korea, Iran and Qatar, and how these countries overcome their respective challenges, will be major factors in 2019. - Dan Marcus, Global head of strategy and business development, Tradition.

A buy-side swaps order book – with a difference*

17 December 2018 | | The euro swaps market is beginning an experiment with exchange-style trading, after the first of 20 clients signed up to a new central limit order book (Clob) offered by interdealer broker, Tradition.

Shortlist 2019*

11 December 2018 | Fund Technology and WSL Awards 2019 | Best trading platform overall: Envision Financial Systems, MarketsFlow, MIAX Options, ParFX, Tethys Technology, TraditionSEF, Interactive Brokers, Wolverine Execution Services

SEF of the Year: TraditionSEF*†

8 December 2018 | FOW | According to Scott Fitzpatrick, CEO of TraditionSEF, this has been at the heart of the build out over the past two years. “Considering the scope of products across asset classes affected by the implementation of the Dodd-Frank Act, the attention to detail around how the core principles of the regulation have been implemented cannot be underestimated,” he says. “It has been at the centre of how we have built the platform and set up our business.”

Compagnie Financiere Tradition: FOW international awards win*

6 December 2018 | 4 Traders | Scott Fitzpatrick, CEO of TraditionSEF, added: "Over the past year, our team has worked extremely hard to establish our SEF business as the pre-eminent venue in the U.S., while boosting our presence in short-dated interest rate swaps. Winning this award is testament to the efforts of our team and our commitment to providing the best service possible to our clients."

FOW International Award winners unveiled*

5 December 2018 | FOW | SEF of the Year: Tradition SEF

Bloomberg launches B-PIPE real-time data in the cloud – LeapRate*

28 November 2018 | LeapRate | Earlier this year, Bloomberg has also launched a new data service consolidating NEX’s BrokerTec US Treasuries data with USD Spread-Over data from Tradition’s Trad-X platform.

OTC trading platform of the year: Trad-X - Risk*

27 November 2018 | Risk | “Looking at the market, we could see dealers trading together on the Clob and clients trading with dealers by RFQ or voice, but there was no dealer-to-customer order book. This initiative will provide an alternative to voice trading and RFQ, and the opportunity to trade anonymously on irrefutable prices without market impact,” says Philippe Dudon, global head of business development at Trad-X.

Regulatory incentives needed to boost Sonia liquidity – expert*†

7 November 2018 | FOW | According to Dan Marcus, chief executive officer of over-the-counter derivatives trading platform Trad-X, this is a good solution for Sonia. He explained that when looking to create new benchmarks from firm bids and offers you can take a mid-swap, and when building up Sonia there needs to be an “intelligent way” to do so.

Sef reforms could distort new, sounder benchmark rates*†

19 October 2018 | | Scott Fitzpatrick, chief executive of Tradition’s Sef, urged caution in rocking the boat. “One of the risks of this concept of ‘any means of interstate commerce’ is you have benchmarks and fixings that rely on better liquidity coming in from liquid Clobs. You wouldn’t want to go backwards in that respect,” Fitzpatrick said. “The benchmark and fixing model could potentially be negatively impacted if you see a step back into a more voice-driven marketplace.”


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