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Commodities overview

TraditionSEF enables participants and customers of broker firm participants to enter orders for, or pre-arrange and submit for execution, a wide variety of commodity based swaps as defined by the CFTC within the tenets of the Dodd-Frank Act.

TraditionSEF technology provides execution, trade booking and reporting through a seamless front to back process. Access to the TraditionSEF's commodity swap execution platform is available via direct connection to SEF execution specialists or through our list of authorized broker firm participants (A list of which can be found here).  TraditionSEF participants and customers can execute a broad range of commodity swaps including, but not limited to : oil, natural gas, coal, electricity, gold and silver swaps and options on swaps.

To see a full list of the Commodity products offered by TraditionSEF please refer to the commodity asset class product listing.

For further details on how to become a broker firm participant to facilitate pre-arranged transactions, or to inquire as to how you may access our SEF as a participant or customer of one of our existing broker firm participants please contact our onboarding team at :

Commodities products

Products supported by TraditionSEF for commodities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Physical and cash-settled swaps and options on swaps on energy products and precious metals

For a complete list of commodities products and associated characteristics, please refer to TraditionSEF Rulebook, Appendix E


To discuss how TraditionSEF can support your trading needs, e-mail or call +1 212 238 5955

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