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LCH-CME basis swaps take off side-by-side with PTC*†

9 January 2015 | Global Capital | We have seen an increase to do these trades not only in our auction but also within Tradition SEF utilising our hybrid [central limit order book] services,” says Dan Marcus, chief executive of Trad-X. “We have operative on Trad-X both a CME CLOB and an LCH CLOB and in January we will offer live CLOB basis trading between the two.

Tradition Scoops Interdealer Broker of the Year Prize at FOW International Awards

10 December 2014 | Tradition, one of the world’s largest interdealer brokers in over-the-counter commodity and financial products, has won the coveted Interdealer Broker of the Year Award at the FOW International Awards in London. 

Trad-X SEF Reaches $1T Volume Milestone*

9 December 2014 | Wall Street and Technology | Dan Marcus, CEO of Trad-X comments, "Tradition's SEF volumes have grown exponentially during 2014. We are now executing 96 percent of our 'on-SEF' USD interest rate swaps volumes on the Trad-X central limit order book.

Interdealer Brokers: Creating Market Structure Solutions from Within*

6 December 2014 | Tabb Forum | Anticipation of such regulatory reform by Tradition and its industry-wide partners resulted in the creation of Trad-X in 2011 – a trading platform for OTC derivatives that symbiotically utilized a hybrid of voice and electronic trading, ensuring liquidity was combined and operated on a seamless basis.

Buy-side firms slam broker Sefs over lack of anonymity*†

24 October 2014 | Risk | Platforms belonging to BGC Partners, GFI Group, Icap, Tradition and Tullett Prebon all retain name disclosure on their Clobs.

FX Focus - No corporate love for Clobs*†

17 October 2014 | FX Week | The on-Sef FX market is dominated by just five providers – BGC, GFI, Icap, Tradition and Tullett Prebon. All five offer a hybrid Sef model, where voice-executed trades can be routed through their Sef systems.

Would-be Sefs fear ability to access market*†

17 October 2014 | FX Week | The on-Sef FX market is currently dominated by just five providers – BGC, Icap, Tullett Prebon, GFI and Tradition – where existing business lines help support the cost of Sef operations.

Bloomberg Sef sees $60 billion worth of FX trades in first year*†

7 October 2014 | FX Week | The bulk of this volume is shared by five Sefs – GFI, BGC, Tullett Prebon, Icap and Tradition – while Bloomberg's market share is lower than 1%.

Interdealer broker rankings 2014: Sef questions piling up*†

2 September 2014 | Risk | "The key word is ‘significant'," says Scott Fitzpatrick, executive director for strategy and business development at Tradition in New York. "Do I think there will be new participants in traditional broker liquidity pools that could be considered significant? Yes.

Sef challenges remain despite busy June*

17 July 2014 | Futures & Options World | Electronic trading platforms such as Icap’s USD interest rate swaps platform i-Swap and Tradition’s Trad-X both reported record notional volumes in June of $26bn and $50bn respectively.


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