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SEF trading hits new highs*†

13 June 2014 | Financial News | Trad-X, the electronic order book segment of Tradition’s SEF, accounted for 24% of US dollar interest-rate swaps for the interdealer broker, according to its own figures.

Majority of SEFs adopt FIX Protocol*

11 June 2014 | Automated Trader | Daniel Marcus, Global Head of Strategy and Business Development, Tradition said: "Trad-X was designed by the market for the market to create a location with the best executable global interest rate derivative liquidity available.

Trad-X volumes hit record highs as platform introduces CCP position switch service*

10 June 2014 | Hedge Week | Mike Leibowitz, chief operating officer of Tradition, says: “Trad-X was designed by the market for the market in advance of regulatory reform. With the support of participants, we have seen a material increase in volumes traded on the platform this year. This is due to the high quality of liquidity available on our cutting-edge proprietary technology.

Interdealer brokers angle for a more diverse catch*†

8 May 2014 | Financial News | Once the middlemen for large and complex derivatives trades between the biggest investment banks, firms such as Icap, GFI Group, Tullett Prebon, BGC Partners and Tradition have rapidly expanded into electronic markets, post-trade services and the provision of data.

US regulators to monitor London over-the- counter swaps*†

20 April 2014 | Financial Times | Companies such as Tullett Prebon, GFI Group, Tradition and BGC Partners act as middlemen to help brokers trade illiquid and often bespoke assets such as interest rate swaps.

GMEX Group to use Tradition’s Trad-X prices for its Constant Maturity Index*

11 March 2014 | LeapRate | Global Derivatives Indices (GDI), a wholly owned subsidiary of Global Markets Exchange Group International LLP (GMEX Group), today announced a strategic partnership with Tradition, the interdealer broking arm of Compagnie Financière Tradition.


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