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Smiecench lands at Tradition*

16 February 2016 | Reuters | Smiecench joins Tradition's Trad-X platform and will work on a project looking at what additional changes could be made to the design, construction and governance of the reference pricing page for the primary market. Trad-X is Tradition's multi-asset class trading platform for OTC derivatives.

Former SocGen Exec Emmanuel Smiecench Lands at Tradition’s Trad-X Unit*

16 February 2016 | Finance Magnates | Trad-X is Tradition’s multi-asset class trading platform for over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives – the platform helps offer liquidity and risk management solutions for brokers.

CFTC Grants Final Registration to 18 SEFs*†

22 January 2016 | Profit and Loss | The SEFs approved for registration are: 360 Trading Networks, BGC Derivatives Markets, Bloomberg SEF, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, DW SEF, GFI Swaps Exchange, ICAP Global Derivatives, ICAP SEF (US), ICE Swap Trade, Javelin SEF, LatAm SEF, MarketAxess SEF, SwapEx, Thomson Reuters (SEF), tpSEF, Tradition SEF, trueEX and TW SEF.

CFTC registers 18 swap execution facilities*

22 January 2016 | LeapRate | The list of SEFs approved for registration includes: 360 Trading Networks Inc.; BGC Derivatives Markets, L.P.; Bloomberg SEF LLC; Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc.; DW SEF LLC; GFI Swaps Exchange LLC; ICAP Global Derivatives Limited; ICAP SEF (US) LLC; ICE Swap Trade, LLC; Javelin SEF, LLC; LatAm SEF, LLC; MarketAxess SEF Corporation; SwapEx, LLC; Thomson Reuters (SEF) LLC; tpSEF Inc.; Tradition SEF, Inc.; trueEX LLC; and TW SEF LLC.

Compagnie Financière Tradition wins prestigious interdealer broker and SEF of the year awards*

9 December 2015 | | Tradition, one of the world's largest interdealer brokers in commodity and financial products, has won the Interdealer Broker (IDB) of the Year and SEF of the Year titles at the FOW International Awards, presented last night.

IDB of the Year: Tradition*

8 December 2015 | FOW | Tradition is focused on three core strengths: price discovery and distribution, liquidity development and excellence of execution. It seeks to operate in a fair and transparent way in all of its business lines, whether in pricing structure and impartial access to its Sef or the level playing fields engendered by its spot FX platform, ParFX.

International Awards 2015 winners*

8 December 2015 | FOW | SEF OF THE YEAR - Wholesale Tradition IDB OF THE YEAR Tradition

Trad-X USD volumes more than double in 2015*

3 November 2015 | The Hedge Fund Journal | Total USD interest rate swaps (IRS) trading volumes since launch on Trad-X, the market-leading platform for the trading of global interest rate derivatives, have now surpassed USD 2.5 trillion, with the period beginning January 2015 accounting for over half of this total volume.

Trad-X USD Volumes Up Following CCP Move*†

26 October 2015 | Profit and Loss | Total USD interest rate swaps (IRS) trading volumes since launch on Trad-X has now surpassed $2.5 trillion, with over half of this volume being transacted in 2015, according to the firm. Over 15,000 USD IRS trades have been executed since the beginning of January, equating to a notional volume of $1.6 trillion.

Trad-X sees strong volume growth over 2015*†

26 October 2015 | FOW | Inter-dealer broker Tradition said the volume of interest rate swap trading on its electronic platform Trad-X has increased dramatically this year, to the extent that the system has traded as much in 2015 as it did in the previous three years.


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