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Trad-X doubles IRS volume in 2015 to pass $2.5tr mark *†

26 October 2015 | Global Capital | Trad-X, owned by Switzerland headquartered interdealer broker Tradition, is a hybrid trading platform offering voice and electronic trading for OTC derivatives. Its clients stream two-way pricing to the platform across the most liquid US dollar, euro and sterling IRS products.

Trad-X USD IRS Reached Over $2.5 Trillion in Volumes*

26 October 2015 | Finance Magnates | Total USD interest rate swaps (IRS) trading volumes on Trad-X, Tradition group’s interest rate derivatives platform, have surpassed USD 2.5 trillion since its launch four years ago, with 2015 alone accounting for over half of this total volume.

Trad-X USD total volumes to over $2.5trn this year*

26 October 2015 | FTSE Global Markets | Total dollar (USD) interest rate swaps (IRS), the platform for the trading of global interest rate derivatives, have surpassed $2.5trn, with the period beginning January this year accounting for over half of this total volume.

Trad-X USD volumes more than double in 2015*

26 October 2015 | Hedge Week | On-SEF USD IRS trading on Trad-X, which launched in 2011, has continued to rise throughout the first three quarters of 2015. Over 15,000 USD IRS trades have been executed on Trad-X since the beginning of January, equating to a notional volume of USD 1.6 trillion and has helped propel TraditionSEF into a market leading position for the execution of USD Medium Term Interest Rate Swaps.

Tradition’s Trad-X sees USD interest rate swaps volumes surpass $2.5 trillion*

26 October 2015 | LeapRate | Trad-X, the OTC derivatives trading platform of Compagnie Financiere Tradition SA, today announced some impressive operating metrics concerning USD interest rate swaps (IRS).

FIA releases SEF Tracker report for May*

13 August 2015 | Automated Trader | Tradition was the second largest, with $28.3 billion non-FRA trading per day. Also worth noting was the increase in trading on the two SEFs operated by Tradeweb.

Best Derivatives Trading Platform*†

10 August 2015 | Financial News | Operated by interdealer broker Tradition, Trad-X hit a high at the end of 2014 when its total volumes passed the $1 trillion mark, with 25,000 trades. It operates a hybrid voice and electronic order-entry model across a number of over-the-counter derivative contracts including interest rate, overnight index, and both single and cross-currency swaps, as well as forward rate agreements.

Most Innovative Compliance/Risk Management Product/Service*†

10 August 2015 | Financial News | Trad-X, operated by interdealer broker Tradition, became one of the first platforms to launch a position switch service for US dollar swaps cleared at CME Group and LCH.Clearnet.

CCP basis market takes off – but will buy-side join in?*†

7 August 2015 | Risk | "The way the market is trading would hint that some people are actually trying to follow it as opposed to just cover," says Stuart Giles, London-based managing director for strategy and business development at Tradition. "The fact people are trying to see which way this is going now is how a market finds its level, and supply and demand dictates this over time."

Bank swaps headlock slips as Chicago prop firms join Sefs*†

6 August 2015 | Risk | The firm is currently active on Bloomberg as well as the three interdealer Sefs – BGC Derivative Markets, Icap's i-Swap and Tradition Sef – although it does most of its trading via the request-for-quote (RFQ) protocol favoured by clients rather than on the central limit order books (Clobs) where interdealer trades take place.


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